Fixing my Smile Actually Fixed my Smile



As far back as I can remember, I have been dreadfully ashamed of my teeth. I don’t recall if my baby teeth were nearly as bad, but when my adult teeth came in, you can instantly see my British heritage. (Sorry for the stereotype, but in this case it is true.)

The four front upper teeth have always been the issue. The centre two teeth are tilted inward, so they sort of kick out at the outside edges, especially on one side giving a distinct snaggletooth effect. (Or, as one nasty person on an online forum mentioned when I used to work in TV, a “rat tooth” look.) Continue reading “Fixing my Smile Actually Fixed my Smile”

Concussion – a Sudden Wrench thrown into the Workings of Life


I had a slew of plans for this October. A big VJ gig, launching a ton of new articles for this website, band rehearsals and songwriting… then a metal stand smashed into my head in the exact same place I was bashed late last January, so I have a second concussion.

How does one treat a concussion? Physical and cognitive rest, and no computer screens. Um, yeah. Working on computers is what I do. But the white-blue light really hurts, and this fragile land of headaches won’t ever stop if I don’t do this healing thing right.

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Eyes Front, Keep Kicking.

Facing the fear of dark water.

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Not because I think there are monsters under the bed, but I’m afraid of tripping, stumbling, just not knowing what might be there. (This applies to many aspects of my life, I’m not good with surprises.) Dark water, however, is a whole other terror. You’ve seen the movies, you’ve heard the scientists describe what a tiny part of the ocean they’ve explored and what a giant unknown lies beneath the surface.

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