Coffee Break Links

Every week I’ll be posting links I’ve enjoyed – mostly good news, fascinating or thought provoking ideas, and amusement. We could all use more positivity these days.

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I’m sure you’ve had to do some weird things at your day job, but this is exemplary teamwork! Three person “wheelbarrow” technique to smooth curb concrete:

Vertical Forest Towers to produce oxygen in China:

The most instagrammable floors in Toronto. This is a thing?

Instruments made from ice. Creative, ephemeral, fascinating!

This illustrator uses paper for much more than a blank surface:

RoboKitty? Poor thing had two legs amputated, but technology now allows cats to get new little bionic legs!

If you would like to see something so scary that all of the air actually falls out of your body, here is a great white shark breaking into an anti-shark cage.

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