Coffee Break Links

I’m back on the computer, not full time, but enough to post more often! Every week I’ll be posting links I’ve enjoyed – mostly good news, fascinating or thought provoking ideas, and some amusement.


Does complaining wire your brain for negativity? Apparently, yes.


Shopping for houseplants? NASA has a handy guide to the best air filtering plants:


Honest Trailers presents Rudolph, the reality behind the story:


Star Wars Imperial March, played on a coffee stir stick:


Early life stress decreases the adult ability to feel enthusiasm and experience pleasure:


WOW – the Koreans have an actual functional Mech:


Generations can transfer fearful memories through genetic code:


17 Emerging Artists to Watch in 2017:



In case you haven’t read the most recent posts:

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Concussion – a Sudden Wrench thrown into the Workings of Life


Thanks for reading – feel free to repost things!




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